Concrete and Paver Cleaning and Sealing

Paved Surface Wash

Over time, paved surfaces can accumulate dirt, stains, grime, and other unpleasant discolorations that make walkways and driveways look discolored and unpleasant. H2O Wash Pros can clean anything from tire tracks to ground-in filth to make your walkways, driveways, and hardscapes look as good as new! Our process involves specialized washing and treating to target residue and stains and make them go away! Our sealing process prevents dirt, grime, and residue from penetrating concrete surfaces for years to come! 

Why Pressure Wash a Drive or Walkway?

Have you ever driven over a pothole? Paved surfaces are porous, which means that, over time, dirt and impurities will settle into small, often imperceptible cracks and gaps in your walkway or driveway. As these impurities build up, they force these cracks and gaps to expand, which creates unsightly and hazardous holes and gaps. A quality pressure wash from H2O Wash Pros can help prevent these cracks and gaps by washing away dirt and grime, which can protect your investment! Plus, there’s the obvious: a clean driveway or walkway just looks better and more inviting!